General Information About Barcode


What is barcode?


Barcode is a method which contains some black and white lines with variable thickness. You can store stock code, serial numbers or any other information in a barcode. 

Barcode is a reference number. It must contain a number which points a product. You must get the other information such as price, name etc for the product by using this reference number. Barcode must not contain any explanation about the product. This reference number is stored in computer and other needed data is got with this reference number from computer.

There are many barcode symbologies in the world. Barcode symbology determines whether barcode will contain special character or alpha numeric characters and how the thickness of the lines will be. Some barcode symbologies contain only numbers and some contain special characters. So there are many barcode types in the world but some of them are commonly used. Cod39, Code93, Upca, ean8, ean13 are used widely. 

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