Datalogic QuickScan QBT2500
Wireless 2D Barcode Scanner


● Support 1D,2D,Postal Codes,Dot Code,Stacked Codes and Digimarc Codes
● 1280 x 800 Pixel Imager Sensor
● Wireless Technology (Bluetooth) with up to 50 m (164 ft) range
● ‘Green Spot’ for good-read feedback plus the 4-dot Aimer
● Ability to read even on phone and computer screens
● Compatible IP52 Standart
● 1.5 meter drop resistant
● USB Type-C Cable

 Cordless Communication
 Protocol Bluetooth 4.0 (Class 1)
 Frekans 2,4 Ghz
 Profil SPP (Serial Port Profile)
 Security Data Encryption, Scanner Authentication
 Communication Distance Max. 50 m (164 ft) (Open Air)
 Cradle (BC2090) USB Type C / USB / RS-232 Multi-Interface
 Reading Performance
 Image Sensör 1 Megapixel (1280 x 800 pixels)
 Light source Aiming: Blue LED emission 460 nm
Illumination: : Red LED emission 617 nm
 Image Capture Graphic Formats: BMP, JPEG, TIFF
Illumination: : Red LED emission 617 nm
 Motion Tolerance 25 IPS
 Print Contrast (Minimum) 25%
 Scan Angle Pitch: ±65°; Roll (Tilt): ±360°, Skew (Yaw): ±65°
 Indicators (LED) Beeper (Adjustable Tone and Volume), Datalogic ‘Green Spot’ Good-read feedback on the code, Good-read LED
 Resolution 1D Linear: 0.077 mm (3 mils)
PDF417: 0.077 mm (3 mils)
Data Matrix: 0.127 mm (5 mils)
QrCode: 0.17 mm (6.7 mils)
 Decoding Capability
 1D Linear barcodes Auto discriminates all standard 1D codes including GS1 DataBar™ linear codes.
 2D Kodlar Aztec Code, China Han Xin Code, Data Matrix, MaxiCode, Micro QR Code, QR Code, Dot code
 Postal Codes Australian Post, British Post, China Post, IMB, Japanese Post,KIX Post, Planet Code, Postnet, Royal Mail Code (RM4SCC)
 Stacked Codes EAN/JAN Composites, GS1 DataBar Composites, GS1DataBar Expanded Stacked, GS1 DataBar Stacked, GS1 DataBar Stacked Omnidirectional, MacroPDF, MicroPDF417, PDF417, UPC A/E Composites
 Digital Watermarking Digimarc Barcodes
 Scanning Distances
 1D Code 39: 5 mils: 0,5 cm ~ 25 cm
Code 39: 10 mils: 0.5 cm ~ 38 cm
EAN/UPC-A: 13 mils: 0,5 cm ~ 51 cm
 2D PDF417: 6.7 mils: 0,5 cm ~ 21 cm cm
QR Code: 20 mils: 0 cm ~ 37 cm
Data Matrix: 10 mils: 0.5 cm ~ 21.5 cm
 Dimensions Scanner: 159 mm x 68 mm x 107 mm
Cradle (BC2090): 148 mm x 68 mm x 126 mm
 Weight 206,5 gr (Battery Included)
 Color Black
 Battery Battery Type: Lithium-Ion: 3250 mAh
Charge Time 3 Hours @ USB Type-C (Scanner Only)
4 Hours @ 12 VDC (External Power)
Reads per Charge  115.000
 Current Charging (Typical): Scanner only: 500mA @ 3.7 V (Operative) Cradle only (BC2090): 45 mA @ 5 V (Operative)
 Input Voltage 5V+/-5% (Scanner) in Type-C Port 4.5 – 14 VDC +/- 5% (Cradle BC2090)
 Light Levels 0 ~ 110.000 Lux
 Temperature Operating 0°C ~ 50°C
Storage -40 °C ~ 70 °C
 Humidty %5 ~ %95 (Non Condensing)
 Drop Durability 1,5 meter
 Trigger Resistance Withstands 10 Mhits
 IP Standard IP52
 ESD Protection (Air Discharge) 16 kV
 Scanning Distances
 Scanning Distances 5 mils : 2.5 to 15.0 cm
7.5 mils : 0 to 24.0 cm
10 mils: 0 to 35.0 cm
13 mils: 0 to 40.0 cm
20 mils: 0 to 60.0 cm
 Safety and Regulatory
 Agency Approvals The product meets necessary safety and regulatory approvals for its intended use. The Quick Reference Guide for this product can be referred to for a complete list of certifications.
 Environmental Compliance Complies to China end EU RoHS
 Led Classification Illuminator Exempt group, Aiming Risk Group 1 according to IEC 62471
 Datalogic Aladdin Datalogic Aladdin configuration program is available for download at no charge
 OPOS / JavaPOS JavaPOS Utilities are available for download at no charge.
OPOS Utilities are available for download at no charge.
 Remote Host Download Lowers service costs and improves operations
 Data Sheets  
 Data Sheets  
 Programming Guide  

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